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Facilities professionals with decades of practical experience at the forefront of workplace management

background & ethos

The origins of FM Guru Consultancy & Training go back to the early 1990’s when Martin Pickard began writing and speaking about facilities management whilst still working as a practising Facility Manager. In 2003 he established FM Guru as a consultancy and training business and the brand became a focal point for senior FM professionals who share the same passion for facilities management and what can be achieved when it is performed at the highest levels. 

Martin and his wife Penny Bruce run a portfolio of business interests through their limited Company Denton Business Services of which The FM Guru Consultancy is a trading division. The business is underpinned by their personal values of service, professionalism, integrity, enthusiasm, fellowship and commitment. The team they have gathered at The FM Guru Consultancy all share these values and apply them to the benefit of their clients.

Today The FM Guru Consultancy is well established as a completely independent, highly ethical and responsible business providing consultancy and communication services to the property and facilities management marketplace. Facility managers, service providers and anyone interested in FM are invited to benefit from our unparalleled professional experience and knowledge. For advice, support and inspiration in the world of Facilities Management call 01908 282915.